XHTML Tutorial–Lesson 1 Part IV


In this lesson, I’ll try to summarize all what we learned in the previous lessons about XHTML.

Remember that XHTML refers to EXtensible Markup Language, which is a cleaner version of HTML, defined as an XML application, recommended by W3C, and compatible with all web browsers.

Remark that all XHTML elements are written in lower case.

Note that XHTML elements must be nested correctly and be a well formed structure.

Remark that all XHTML tags must have a closing tag.

Remember that empty tags are closed by a space followed by a forward slash then greater than symbol  />.

Note that attribute values must be enclosed within double quotes.

Attribute minimization is not allowed.

Each XHTML document must start with a DOCTYPE declaration.

Finally, The structure of XHTML document is, DOCTYPE declaration, followed by html tag, followed by a head tag, followed by title, followed by body tag. Remember that this structure is mandatory and not optional.

End of XHTML Tutorial, hope you got an overview about XHTML, and got the hint about web standardization.

To download this lesson as PDF file click here: XHTML Tutorial–Lesson 1 Part IV

Best Wishes,

Anas Jaghoub


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