G-Jordan Day-1 Event By Google on December 12, 2010

Today, Google run its first event G-Jordan in Jordan at Hayat Amman hotel, about 30 Googlers where there, presented sessions and talked about latest technologies from Google, they also talked about HTML5, Cloud Computing, Open web standards, Chrome Extensions. Attendances where professors from Jordan universities, and also students from different universities and countries like Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain and more according to invitations sent by Google.

Really it was an amazing event, valuable, and successful.

Anas Jaghoub

P.S here some of photos from the event:

Nelson Mattos – VP, EMEA Product & Engineering

Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément – Developer / Industry Relations Lead, Middle East and North Africa

What you speech is what you see and what is Google translate :))

Chris DiBona – Open source and public sector programs manager and Me(Anas Jaghoub)


Luiselle Mozze a Googler and me (Anas Jaghoub)

Luiselle Mozze, Me (Anas Jaghoub), and my friends Mohammad Jaradat(left) and Ahmad Sharairi(right) of Luiselle Mozze.



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