Continuing with the PHP Tutorial Series

Dear followers of the PHP Tutorial, hope you all enjoyed the PHP, and got benefits from this simple tutorial. As I promised you before, the next series of the PHP Tutorial focus on developing web-based applications using PHP.

To make the development more useful and close to real world applications, we need to focus on the user interface, and cover aspects related to it, so we moved for two short tutorials that covers the User Interface aspects using XHTML and CSS, and learned the basics for developing a cross browser compatible pages, and how to apply standards in developing the web page.

From Now on, we are going to develop our first we application in this tutorial, which is a guest book, that allow users to post comments and there’ll be a simple admin panel to manage the comments.

The development for the Guest Book goes on these steps:

1. System definition and requirements.

2. Analysis and design for the database (Includes implementing the database).

3. Implementing the system logic (PHP).

4. User interface design.

5. Deployment.

Hope you enjoy the development process for the application, and if you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to tell us about it.


Anas Jaghoub


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